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Nature & Science

The Nez Perce National Historic Trail supports relatively unaltered and increasingly uncommon native habitats, the quality and extent of which are unequaled in the Pacific Northwest and Great Plains. Because of the variety of terrestrial and aquatic habitats across this range, there exists a tremendous variety of plant and animal species along the Trail. Visit the Nature and Science section to learn about these plants and animal species.

History & Culture

Fort Skalkaho

The artists’ conception of Fort Skalkaho is based on the description given in an article by James B. Mitchell, published in the Missoulian, March 31, 1929.  “The dimensions of the fort, similar to that of Fort Corvallis, were about one hundred feet square, twelve feet high, having a base three feet thick, continuing to “port holes” at about four feet than gradually decreasing to eighteen inches wide at the top of the wall.”  The doorway to Fort Skalkaho faced the southeast.  The sketch was made looking toward the southeast. 

People, Battles, Quotes & Letters of the Nez Perce Conflict

The history of the American West has involved the broadest possible cross-section of human activity. In an on-going effort to acknowledge previously under-recognized players and noteworthy individuals in the American western drama, the History and Culture section is designed to help you identify with these courageous men, women, and children.

Life Skills and Traditions

Long ago, Indian families had everyday lives much like we do today. Homes had to be built and kept neat. Treasures, tools and toys had to be carefully stored. Food had to be prepared for storage and cooked. Clothes had to be made and repaired. People found different ways to do these things, depending on what their homeland(s) offered.

Landscape Of History Video: The Nez Perce (Nee-Me-Poo) National Historic Trail

This beautifully produced 2004 video in the Forest Service YouTube library takes you on the 1,170-mile journey taken by the Nez Perce tribe in 1877. Pursued by the United States Army, 750 Nez Perce men, women, and children made a heroic yet futile flight seeking freedom and peace far from their homeland. The program highlights the need to preserve and interpret this landscape of history. (20 min.)

Outdoor Safety & Ethics

In the Safety and Ethics section you will learn more about important safety and ethics practices that need to be used while visiting the trail. 

Just for Kids

This section is just for kids, and includes coloring books, word games and puzzles, and other fun activities for kids. While you're having fun here, you can learn a little about the Nez Perce National Historic Trail.

Parents and Teachers

This section includes information for parents and teachers. The Education Resource Teachers Guide is designed for use by teachers and other educators who are teaching Nez Perce Trail history.