Mt. Carrie WaysideAs stewards of the landscapes of the Osceola National Forest, the Forest Service has developed a plan to be the guide for the overall management of the National Forests in Florida for the next decade.

Review the Forest Plan for the National Forests in Florida


The Forest Plan

The Forest Plan is not a list of projects, but a framework for future decision making. In an expanded narrative, the Forest Service has identified many aspects of its mission, among those are:

  • Advocating a conservative ethic in promoting the health, productivity, diversity, and beauty of forest and associated lands.
  • Protecting and managing the national forests and grasslands so they best demonstrate the sustainable multiple-use management concept.
  • Developing and providing scientific and technical knowledge aimed at improving our capability to protect, manage, and use forests and rangelands.

The Forest Plan represents an adaptive approach to National Forest management. The public is a part of our decision making process with professional decisions made from the best scientific information available. Monitoring forest projects is necessary and is being done on a continued basis. An Annual Monitoring Report is produced yearly and available to the public.

To keep appraised of the forests' activities the Quarterly Schedule of Proposed Actions is also available to the public.