Doing Business with the Forest Service

Cover of e-book about doing business with the Forest Service.Are you a business person who would like to provide your products or services to the Forest Service? If so, we encourage you to read through the details on our regional website.

Information includes topics that will help you understand the Forest Service and explain how to align your business with the Forest Service. There is also information about how to contact our procurement offices, a photo gallery of typical projects, and a free 16-page e-book, "Doing Bushiness with the Forest Service - How to Win Government Contracts - One Step at a Time

Solicitations for Projects over $25,000

See our contract solicitations on the FedBizOps web site.
For regular National Forests in Florida procurements, search Keyword: AG-4823

For Recovery procurements, search on:

  1. Place of Performance: Florida AND
  2. Keyword: AG-4823

Solicitations for Projects $25,000 and less

Contact the National Forests in Florida office.