Geospatial Data


USGS 12 Digit Watersheds  *

CFLRP Project Areas *

fire condition class *

recreation point  *

recreation polygon  *

wildlife management areas *

USGS map quads with forest service indices  *

10 meter contour  *

compartment   * now named 'locations'


fire history_point  *

fire history polygon  *

fire management zone *

prescribed burn_history  * now named 'rxburn_history'

geopolitical unit   *

geology 500k  *

ar geology 100k  *

heritage survey polygon * now named 'culturalsurvey'

nhd stream  *

nhd waterbody *

road  * This includes closed and potential roads; refer to the MVUM for access information.

soil  *

fsveg_stand  * now named 'nrisveg_poly'

trail  * This includes motorized and non-motorized trails; refer to the MVUM for access information.

wildland urban interface  *

admin forest  * now named 'boundary'

floodplain soils  *


land type association  *


ranger_district  *

scenic management system * now named 'scenicmanagement'

management areas  *

management area 6  *

management area 9  *

section  * now named 'plss_firstdiv'

township * now named 'plss_township'

ALP OwnerParcel  * now named 'ownerparcel'

scenic integrity objective *

wetland  *

wilderness *

minerals *


The Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUM) and Tables are available at this link

Oklahoma Vector and Raster Data / Not Available from Geostor 5.0




Ranger District and Topographic Quad Index Map (.pdf) format



Notes and Disclaimers:

The Forest Service uses the most current and complete data available. GIS data and product accuracy may vary. They may be: developed from sources of differing accuracy, accurate only at certain scales, based on modeling or interpretation, incomplete while being created or revised, etc. Using GIS products for purposes other than those for which they were created, may yield inaccurate or misleading results. The Forest Service reserves the right to correct, update, modify or replace GIS products without notification.

All Ouachita National Forest (ONF) data is maintained in horizontal datum: NAD83 and projection: UTM Zone 15.


Ouachita National Forest vector data currently in ArcGIS personal geodatabase files(.mdb) are being replaced by shapefiles(.shp) denoted with an asterisk (*) . Although shapefiles cannot contain routed systems and cannot contain complex topologies they are usable in free software [see below] available from ESRI and other vendors on the Internet. Note that the link names on this page reflect the old geodatabase data standard file names and that many of the actual data file names and content, that you will download,  have been changed to reflect the latest geodatabase standards.


All files have been .ZIP compressed for your convenience. You will need Winzip to decompress these files. A trial version of Winzip may be downloaded from:

You will need ArcGIS, ArcView or an equivalent Geographic Information System (GIS) software package to convert and display the data. All Ouachita National Forest raster data (maps and imagery)are comprised of MrSID compressed image files. You will need the MrSID Viewer, ArcGIS, ArcView or an equivalent GIS software package to view the data.

Related geospatial data, for the entire state of Arkansas, including new 2009 imagery, may be viewed and downloaded from Geostor:

Related geospatial data, for the entire state of Oklahoma, including new 2006 2 meter imagery, may be viewed or downloaded from the Center for Spatial Analysis, University of Oklahoma: http:


Many of these data files are large. You may need a high speed internet connection to download the data in a timely manner. This site was created to fulfill the requirement for public access to ONF geospatial data.


Arc Explorer - is available from the following link:

MicroDEM - is available from the following link:

Geographic Resources Analysis Support System - GRASS Open Source GIS Software is available from the following link:

Quantum GIS - QGIS Open Source Software availabe from:

Questions regarding this page or Ouachita National Forest geospatial data may be referred to:

Ouachita National  Forest (OUF) GIS-Coordinator

Last updated 07 December 2018