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Basic Horsemanship Training

Clinics will be announced in the spring and are open to agency employees and partners. Please contact for information about how to apply.

Watch Out for Falling Trees

Watch out for falling trees!An Ongoing Alert for heightened danger from falling dead trees remains in effect in many areas of the National Forests. While the 2017 winter/spring brought record precipitation in many areas, over 100 million trees killed or weakened by previous drought and bark beetles remain a falling hazard.

Please be cautious when visiting National Forests, especially in the southern and central Sierra Nevada, where mortality has been highest.

Be vigilant of possible hazards and remember the Watch Out tips. Trees can fall anywhere at any time.

When planning a trip to the National Forest, please contact the local Ranger District for more information on areas of heightened danger from tree mortality. Thank you and have a safe and fun visit to the National Forests.

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