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A single point of access for data collected and managed by the Agency. You can use the Data Extract Tool to access data about individual forests or grasslands or about an area of interest that you specify on the national map. You can find and download datasets by topic area or theme or find and use map services published by the Agency: 



A story map on discovering the World Through GIS

(Created by the Resource Information Management staff at the Regional Office for GIS Day).



Payette National Forest GIS Data

Selected GIS data for the Payette National Forest is available for download and can be found by clicking on the link on the right side of the page under quick links.

A link to the FGDC compliant metadata is provided for each dataset.

If you need further assistance with downloading the GIS data, you may call the Payette National Forest at 208-634-0700 and ask for the GIS department.




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Download maps through Avenza Map Store. 

Forest Visitor and Motor Vehicle Use Maps are available through the Avenza Map Store.  The Avenza PDF Maps Application is free of charge and available for most Apple, Android and Windows Phone Operating System products. The application can be downloaded directly to mobile devices through the iTunes store.  A beta version of the app for Android devices is also available at the Avenza website.  The maps are geo-referenced and will work in conjunction with the GPS-enabled iPhone Operating System devices (iPhone 3GS and higher/ iPads with 3G/LTE).  For more information on Avenza PDF maps, please refer to the Avenza website.  There will be a charge for the Forest Visitor Maps, while Motor Vehicle Use Maps and others will be free of charge.



Video instructions for downloading the Forest maps with Avenza app





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The following link will allow you to download the entire MVUM for the Payette National Forest as a single file. You will need to save the zip file to a location you can unzip the file. The download file containers 3 items – the Garmin specific installer file, a Garmin specific image file, and a read me document to assist you with the process.


Please note that this is for mapping versions of Garmin GPS receivers only. Read your owner manual for your GPS before proceeding. Some models allow you to install the MVUM file separately so you can chose to select that as your background map. Other models insert the MVUM as an additional map over your existing map(s). Some models allow you to uninstall previous versions of the MVUM, others do not. Again, consult your owner’s manual; additional tips are included in the read me file.  Download the zip file HERE. (Coming soon).




Links Providing More Information:   

Inside Idaho - - Idaho GIS Data Warehouse


ArcExplorer - Free GIS viewing software


Forest Service Interactive Travel Map


Payette National Forest: Recreation Information




Please note the following disclaimer:

These products are reproduced from geospatial information prepared by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service. By taking receipt of these files via electronic file transfer methods, you understand that the data stored on this media is in draft condition. Represented features may not be in an accurate geographic location. The Forest Service makes no expressed or implied warranty, including warranty of merchantability and fitness, with respect to the character, function, or capabilities of the data or their appropriateness for any user's purposes. The Forest Service reserves the right to correct, update, modify, or replace this geospatial information without notification.