Land & Resources Management

Planning Documents

Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail Comprehensive Plan (pdf)

The 1982 PCT Comprehensive Plan established guidelines for administering the trail. A 1978 Amendment to the National Trails System Act required a comprehensive plan to be submitted to Congress defining the development, management, and use of the trail. The plan was developed in consultation with the PCT Advisory Council, the Governors of California, Oregon, and Washington, the BLM and the National Park Service.

Federal Register Notice (January 30, 1973 Vol. 38, #19, Part II) (pdf)

The PCT’s selected route location was published in the Federal Register of January 30, 1973 (Vol. 38, #19, Part II).The PCT is approximately 2,650 miles long and starts in California at the Mexican border, ending at the Canadian border in Washington. Of the total miles, approximately 300 are on non-federal land (i.e. private, county, state park, or tribal land).

Optimal Location Review Process Guidelines (pdf)

Portions of the PCT might be relocated to more optimal locations that enhance the scenic experience of the trail. This OLR guidance document outlines the process for conducting an optimal location review analysis for the PCT. This OLR process precludes and does not replace the NEPA process for establishing a new trail location.

Regulating Documents

The National Trails System Act (pdf)

This 1968 Act of Congress established our nation's network of National Scenic, Historic, and Recreation trails. It has been amended several times since 1968 with the addition of more National Trails.

Prohibitions for Motorized Use and Bicycles (pdf)

The PCT is open only to use by hikers and equestrians. There is a prohibition on motorized and mechanized use, defined in the National Trails System Act and a Forest Service and BLM General Prohibition.

Notice to Hikers and Equestrians traveling southbound from Manning Provincial Park Canada (pdf)

Currently there is no legal port of entry into the United States from Manning Park, Canada. These Frequently Asked Questions provide more information.

PCT Sign Vendors (doc)

PCT trail marker sign specifications and purchase locations.