Other Permits

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National Forest lands are owned by the American public and are managed for multiple uses: clean water, fish and wildlife, range, timber, minerals, and recreation.  There are also “special uses” of forest lands that benefit society as a whole.   Specialists and technicians employed by Prescott National Forest aim to manage all uses such that future generations can continue to reap the benefits of our treasured landscapes and waterways.
Strengthening Communities
Highways, byways, and easements that cross forest lands are examples of special uses that benefit society.  Other special uses that benefit area communities include: communications towers, powerlines, pipelines, and solar electric production.  The Highlands Center for Natural History and the Walnut Creek Center for Education and Research provide nature programs for people of all ages.  Commercial bee hives provide honey, pollinate our food crops, and support small business.  Recreation special uses include weddings, organization camps, commercial filming, outfitter-guides, and the Lynx Lake Café and Marina.  Races and other special events held across the Forest attract residents and visitors from around the country.
More information about special events and commercial permits can be found on the USDA Forest Service Washington Office Contracts & Commercial Permits web page