Learning Center

The USFS PSICC is an organization that prides itself on our ability to learn and grow every day.  We are an innovative organization that truly believes in getting more families in the woods and the grasslands, and more educational resources in the hands of those that can help us in our quest for conservation.  PSICC holds some of the very best lands that America has to offer, and we want to share those lands with you.  From the mountains to the plains we host some of the most beautiful and diverse ecosystems in the world.  Please feel free to contact our PSICC offices for further information or to set up a meeting and personal visit.



Numerous streams, lakes, reservoirs, varied topography, climate, and vegetation of the Pike & San Isabel National Forests and Cimarron & Comanche National Grasslands provide habitats for an abundance of native fish and wildlife, including many of the most striking animals found in North America.


Learn about the ecology of forests and grasslands—ties between the land, water, plants, animals, fire, weather, and other resources and factors that occur together over time.