The landscapes in the Northern Region developed from natural and cultural processes, including fire the the human use of fire. In the Northern Region, we safely and effectively attack new fire starts, control some fire actively manage others.

The Region recognizes the natural role of fire, acknowledges that both wanted and unwanted events will occur, and takes advantage of opportunities to treat the land through fire while protecting communities and high value natural and cultural resources.

Fire fighters creating a backfire.Information regarding fire-related events occurring in the Northern Rockies area is available from a variety of online resources. From interactive maps, current fire situation reports, and fire plans, to helpful wildland fire prevention tips and suggestions, an array of fire management resources is available.

The Northern Region Fire, Aviation and Air program shares a common vision with other resource program areas and our partners to maintain high quality or to restore the health and condition of the Northern Region's terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. Increasingly, fire will play its natural role in ecosystem sustainability within given social, economic, and political environments; and human communities will become fire adapted, rather than depending on escalating protection, in the Northern Region.