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2022 Alaska Forest Health StoryMap.Satellite-based change detection map Southeast Alaska.Forest Health Conditions in Alaska 2021 report cover. Aerial view of a forest defoliated by blackheaded budworm.Volunteers pull white sweetclover on the Seward Highway in 2021.Entomologist Sydney Brannoch and Biological Science Technician Garret Dubois check a funnel trap near Cantwell in 2021.Yellow-cedar decline northwest of Sitka. Photo: Sarah Navarro, USFS.

Common Forest Insects & Diseases in Alaska

Nested within the State, Private, and Tribal Forestry branch of the U.S. Forest Service, Forest Health Protection monitors across all lands to meet the needs of federal, state, and private stakeholders and Tribal Nations. Select forest diseases, insects, noninfectious disorders, invasive plant, and other forest health topics from the menu below for detailed information, as well as links to partner pages. Follow #AlaskaForestHealth on Twitter and participate in the iNaturalist Alaska Forest Health Observations Project

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