Forest & Grassland Health

Spruce bud blight (<em>Gemmamyces piceae. Spruce beetle. 2017 damage mapped by aerial survey. Aspen running canker. Dead yellow-cedar crop trees in a 34-year-old young-growth stand on Kupreanof Island. European spruce aphids feed on the needles of Sitka spruce. Bird vetch. European bird cherry in flower.

Common Damage Agents in Alaska-
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Select forest diseases, insects and noninfectious disorders from the menu below for their current status, distribution, historic activity, symptoms, biology, and impacts to host trees and forest management. Click this link to see our annual report, Forest Health Conditions in Alaska 2017!


Foliage Diseases

Shoot & Bud Blights

Stem Diseases

Root Diseases

  • Annosus/Heterobasidion Root & Butt Rot
  • Armillaria Root Disease

Invasive Pathogens


Forest Decline

Abiotic & Animal Damage


Bark Beetles and Woodborers

  • Ambrosia Beetle
  • Northern Spruce Engraver
  • Spruce Beetle
  • Western Balsam Bark Beetle

Defoliating Insects

Conifer Defoliators
Hardwood Defoliators – External Leaf Feeding
Hardwood Defoliators –
Internal Leaf Feeding


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