Land & Resource Management

A man uses an increment borer to measure the age of a tree while a child is watching.Our mission is to lead in the conservation and wise use of Alaska’s national forests.  For over 100 years, our stewardship of natural resources in Alaska has benefited those who use, enjoy and earn their livings on the Tongass and Chugach National Forests.


We look to the past by preserving cultural resources and honoring traditions. We look to the future by seeking for new, innovative ways to sustain healthy forests and communities in the Last Frontier.


People throughout America and the world perceive Alaska as an extraordinary place that should be maintained to the highest standard. Our region is unique in having no threatened or endangered terrestrial species. Healthy, productive salmon populations sustain subsistence and recreational uses, as well as a commercial fishery that is vital to the economy of Alaska. Because our forest ecosystems are healthy and self-sustaining within their natural ranges of variation, the limited threats from wildfire and invasive species can be very effectively targeted for management.