Emphases for the Rocky Mountain Region Safety, Fire and Aviation Management Staff

  • Federal Fire Policy Implementation
  • Wildland Fire Decision Support System Implementation
  • Continuous Improvement Processes
  • Staffing R2 national shared resources positions
  • Commitments to Forests, Cooperators, and States
  • National efforts, including (but not limited to) –
    • Senior Fire Leadership Group direction
    • OIG Audit and Workforce Plan
    • Cohesive Strategy
    • FLAME (implementation protocols; concerned with budget formulation)
    • Aviation Fleet recommendations
    • Fire Program Analyses
    • Workforce Diversity
  • Safety and Risk Management – high reliability organizing
  • Accomplishment/support of the Regional Forester’s assigned program of work, including response to the bark beetle emergency.
  • Preparedness/Execution in wildland fire and aviation operations,
  • Program Delivery and Support
  • Examination of work processes for innovation and improvement