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Outdoor Resources for Virtual Learning


Ideas to Explore & Discover Nature - Virtually

Here is a list of resources* available that help you explore and discover the natural world - from home.

  • Smokey Bear

    Smokey Bear

    Explore the different sections below to learn all sorts of ways you can help prevent wildfires. You’ll find activities, games, and learn a lot about protecting the forest. Have fun!

  • Woodsy Owl

    Woodsy Owl

    Visit Woodsy's world, which is full of activities for kids, information for teachers and other education professionals, and fun facts about Woodsy!

  • Natural Inquirer

    Natural Inquirer New

    Natural Inquirer is a free science education journal written for middle through high school age students. In 1998, Natural Inquirer was created so that scientists could share their research with students.

  • Nature Watch

    A bald eagle sits in nest with nestlings

    Stuck at home? Explore these great places to NatureWatch in National Forests across the United States online and plan your future travels.

  • FSNatureLIVE

    FSNatureLive logo

    No matter where you are in the world, visit FSNatureLIVE programs for exciting, on-site learning about bats, butterflies, climate change, wetlands, and more!

  • Pollinator Partnership

    Pollinator partnership logo

    Pollinator Partnership’s mission is to promote the health of pollinators, critical to food and ecosystems, through conservation, education, and research

  • Migratory Bird Day

    Migratory Bird Day logo

    The Center is dedicated to fostering greater understanding, appreciation, and protection of the grand phenomenon of bird migration.

  • Visit the Bat Cave

    Bat conservation logo

    Are you ready to start learning all about bats? Check out our activities and fun facts that you can share with your family and friends.

  • Project EduBat

    Batslive logo

    Play the ultimate bat games and acivities... because it is all about bats!

Additional Resources