Pando Clone video

The Pando Clone is an aspen stand encompassing approximately 106 acres on the Fishlake National Forest. This clone (based on DNA testing) is thought to be the largest organism in the world. The Pando clone is declining and Forest managers and scientists are working together to study why and formulate solutions to reverse the decline.  Read more about the Pando Clone and Aspen trees...


Fall Wildflowers

Picture of Oregon Grape turning red

Look up into the trees and you'll find beautiful vistas of leaves changing color in different regions of the United States in the fall. Look down at the forest floor and you'll find an even greater array of colors. There are approximately 20,000 wildflower species in the United States. The U.S. Forest Service has many stories to share with you about our wildflowers.

For many of these wildflowers, fall is the time of the year when they flower. Who can resist the blues and whites of asters, the yellows of goldenrods and sunflowers, and the spectacular red of cardinal flower?


Picture of a Blue Columbine Flower

One of the most exquisite and most beloved wildflowers is the columbine. The magnificent rock-loving columbine brightens our hearts in cool, hidden forest grottos, and lifts our spirit high to alpine meadows and glacial mountain lakes. Read more about Columbines on the Celebrating Wildflowers page..

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Predicting the Future to Save Whitebark Pine

Photo of a branch with blister rust.

Whitebark pine (Pinus albicaulis) has been disappearing from high mountain landscapes due to mountain pine beetle outbreaks, white pine blister rust, human intrusions, and fire exclusion.

Pollinators and the the Evening Primrose

Picture of a Hawkmoth on a Primrose Flower

With funding from the National Science Foundation, a team of scientists are undertaking a research project to understand more about Evening Primrose and their associated pollinators.


Collaboration to recover Webber's Ivesia

Close up picture of a Ivesia flower

Fish & Wildlife Service and Forest Service collaborate to recover recently-listed Webber’s Ivesia plant Protected under Endangered Species Act