Resource Advisory Committees

Recreational Activities

Intermountain Region Resource Advisory Committees

The Intermountain Region cooperates with five Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Resource Advisory Committees (RACs) to make recommendations on creating new or changing existing recreation fees managed by the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management. The Forest Service and BLM signed an interagency agreement to enable both agencies to use existing BLM Resource Advisory Councils (RACs), where appropriate. More information can be found on the National Recreation RAC web page.

Recommendations from the RACs are combined with other public notification and communication efforts to help the Forest Service make sound decisions regarding recreation fees.

Fee Proposal information and Accomplishment Reports for each forest in the Intermountain Region will be made available as soon as the documents are produced. Check this site before and after each meeting to stay updated on the work of the Intermountain Region RACs.

Proposed and Approved Recreation Fee Proposals

RAC Meetings

Visit the BLM RAC web sites that are listed on the right hand side to find out when the next meetings are scheduled, as well as past meeting agendas, minutes and additional information.