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2019 Aerial Detection Survey Map

Online Map - Aerial detection survey (ADS) data for the Southern Region in 2019.

Online Laurel Wilt Map

A new online version of the Laurel Wilt map is now available.


Updated: Laurel Wilt Infestation Map - March 10, 2021

Laurel Wilt Distribution Map

View the updated regional infestation map for Laurel Wilt Disease.


Pest Alert: Sugarberry Dieback and Mortality

Sugarberry Pest Alert

Pest Alert for Sugarberry dieback and mortality, December 2019.


Southern Pine Beetle Prevention Program Story Map

SPB Story Map

Interactive story map demonstrating the treatments involved in the SPB Prevention Program.

Laurel Wilt Pest Alert

Laurel Wilt Pest Alert

Laurel Wilt USFS Pest Alert, October 2019.

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