Travel Management

The rapid expansion of off-highway vehicle (OHV) use on national forests is impacting the natural and cultural resources of federal lands and, in some cases, causing use conflicts. The Forest Service identified unmanaged recreation, including impacts from OHVs, as one of the key threats facing the nation's forests. OHV impacts have created unplanned roads and trails, erosion, watershed/habitat degradation; they have also impacted cultural resource sites.

Improved management of motor vehicle use on national forests will allow the agency to enhance opportunities for public enjoyment of the national forests, including motorized and non-motorized recreational experiences. The Forest Service recognizes the travel management rule will change the way that some people access and experience their national forests. This change must happen in order to allow opportunities for public enjoyment and the protection of our natural, historical and cultural resources. To learn more about this important issue, visit the national site.