Invasive Species

Eastern Region (R9) NNIS Program

March 13, 2013: The Eastern Region is proud to announce release of Non-Native Invasive Species Best Management Practices, Guidance for the U.S. Forest Service, Eastern Region. If you would like more information, please contact Jan Schultz, Botany NNIS Special Forest Products Pr. Leader, at 414-297-1189 or

 The Eastern Region of the Forest Service Non-native Inviasve Species Program is guided by our Non-native Invasive Species Framework.

Non-native Invasive Plants

These invaders are changing species and ecosystems on national forests and other lands across the country.

Native Plants

The R9 Native Plant Program is guided by our Native Plant Framework. Our goals is to contribute to maintaining biodiversity and ecosystem health through use of locally adapted, populations of native species for restoration, rehabilitation and revegetation.

Non-native Invasive Animals/Aquatic Nuisance Species (ANS)

In simple terms, Aquatic Nuisance Species are aquatic and terrestrial plants and animals that have been introduced into new ecosystems and are having harmful impacts on native species, ecosytem function and the human use of these resources.

Non-native Earthworms


Emerald Ash Borer / EAB


Feral Hogs

Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Projects - USFS

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