Project Photos & Videos

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Auburn HVAC Upgrade and LEED Certification


Eight Fathom Cabin 

Anan Wildlife Observatory Floating Building 

Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center Rehabilitation and Trail Redesign 

Three Trails Reconstruction 

Three Lakes Bridge Replacement Project

Harris River Watershed Restoration

Putting People to Work

Dry Straits Road

Tongass Road Reconstruction and Storage

Colorado Trail Watershed Restoration

Protecting Remote Alaska Native Villages from Wildland Fire

Three Lakes Bridge Replacement

George Island WWII Cannon Trail

Forest Inventory in Urban Areas

Healthy Working Forest, Healthy Working Communities

Rebuild Sections of the Cross-Admiralty Canoe Route

Kenai Peninsula Borough Spruce Bark Beetle Project

Trail of Time Speeds Up

Mitigating Potential Disaster in Anchorage

Boosting Fire Suppression Capability

Recovery Act Project Tackles Invasive Plants

SAGA Crew at Mole Harbor

Recovery Act-funded Iditarod National Historic Trail Bridges Enhance Recreation Access Opportunities

Recovery Act Funds Support Alaganik Slough Accessible Boardwalk Health and Safety Repair

Recovery Act-funded Road Repairs Benefit Travelers, Resources

Recovery Act Funds Support Whistle Stop Project

Recovery Act-funded Whistle Stop Project Activity Continues



Hoyer Campground Reconstruction

Alpine RD Roads Resurfacing

Aggregate Surfacing & Stabilization of National Forest System Roads

Sabino Canyon Shuttle Stop 9

Potato Patch CG Road Repair

Aggregate Surfacing, Obliteration, Drainage Repairs and Improvements of NFS Road

Saguaro Lake Cleanup 

Expansion of a Pallet Mill

Small Diameter Trees and Woody Biomass Harvested

Rim Vista Trail Reconstruction

Luna Lake Potable Water System Replacement

Major Pavement Preservation Completed for Madera Canyon Road and Parking Network

Scientists, students supported by Recovery Act-funded work

Recovery Act Funds Upgrade Deteriorating Facilities


Forest Service Recovery Act Jobs in California (VIDEO)

Recovery Act Jobs on the Shasta-Trinity National Forest (VIDEO)

The Recovery Act Providing Opportunities for Youth (VIDEO)

Maintaining A Treasure: Carson-Iceberg Wilderness (VIDEO)

Chumash Tribe Teams Up with Los Padres NF on ARRA Project 

The CCC Completes Trails on the Stanislaus National Forest

California Recovery Act Projects

Recovery Act Funds Temporary Jobs to Create ADA Trails

Bryant/Fir Bridge

Spark Arrestor Motor Replacement

Forest Inventory in Urban Areas

Recreation Site Improvement and Maintenance - Fairview Boat Ramp

Recovery Act Funds Los Padres Road Surfacing Work

Los Padres Wilderness Trails Spring Back to Life

Managing Fuel Loads by Limiting Mortality Caused by Bark Beetles and Sudden Oak Death

Recovery Act Funds New Administrative Building in Southern California

Blue Ledge Mine Clean-up

Research facility uses no electricity from the utility grid

Festive Ribbon Cutting Heralds New Era in King City



Routt National Forest Hazard Tree Removal

Station Headquarters New Laboratory

Rocky Mountain Research Station Building Completion

Manchester and Skelton Hazardous Fuel Reduction

Lost Lake Campground Reconstruction

Anchor Point Group

Portal Project Enhances Recreation Opportunities at Popular Brainard Lake

Recovery Act Helps Enhance Colorado Jewel          



Delaware Hazardous Fuels Reduction/Ecosystem Improvements Projects

The Northern Delaware Forestry Stimulus Project 



Florida Trails Project

Drainage Rehab

Deep Creek Fuel Reduction

Lacota Fuels Project

Deferred Maintenance on 20 Bridges

Ocean Pond Treatment Plant

Mountain Bike Trail Maintenance

Apalachicola National Forest Trail Renovation Celebration

Forest Service Unveils Renovated Trails at Leon Sinks Geological Area

Apalachicola National Forest ARRA Trail Renovation Celebration


Bridge Maintenance Projects

Trails Maintenance, Repaving and Relocation Projects

Road Repair Improves Passage in Popular Recreation Area

Boat Launch Work Reduces Deferred Maintenance



Forest Inventory in Urban Areas



Shoshone-Bannock Tribes Creating Jobs and Reconnecting with the Land (VIDEO)

Idaho Brush Clearing Funded by the Recovery Act (VIDEO)

Ribbon Cutting Emmett Sawmill (VIDEO)

Treating Noxious Weeds in Boise County, Idaho (VIDEO)

Fighting Invasive Weeds in Gem County, Idaho (VIDEO)

Making a Difference in Valley County, Idaho (VIDEO)

Idaho Brush Clearing Funded by the Recovery Act (VIDEO)

Emmett, Idaho - Emerald Forest Products Sawmill

Repairing the Road to Yellow Pine, Idaho

Reducing Hazardous Fuels Northeast of Idaho City

20 Miles of Trail Maintenance Completed on the Payette National Forest

Recovery Act Funds Improve Accessibility at Shoreline Campground

Bear Lake County And The Forest Service Improve Roads Thanks To Recovery Act Funds

Reducing Sediment in Fish Bearing Streams and Improving 70 Miles of Forest Roads

Teton County and the Forest Service Improve Roads Thanks To Recovery Act Funds

Caribou County and the Forest Service Improve Roads Thanks To Recovery Act Funds

Madison County and the Forest Service Improve Roads Thanks To Recovery Act Funds

American Recovery Act Funds Roadside Brushing

Emmett and Mountain Home Ranger Districts Trail Maintenance

Boise National Forest SCA Corps Team 2009 Hitch Report

Caribou-Targhee Forest Trail Decommissioning

Tribes Receive Funding to Treat Hazardous Fuels & Invasive Species

Removal of Noxious Weeds Reduces Risk of Wildfire in Adams County, Idaho

Project Promotes Biomass Utilization and Enhances Ecosystem Health

Sawtooth Recreation Maintenance Makes Facilities Safer and Accessible 



Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie Recovery Act Jobs (VIDEO)

Jobs that Bring Health Back to Chicago’s Watersheds, Wetlands and Forests 

Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie Recovery Act Project

Recovery Act funds fight against giant perennial grasses that threaten to take over Midewin

Elgin economy sees big benefits from Recovery Act



No Limit to Number of Hoosier Dispersed Recreation Sites, Just Boundaries

Tipsaw Recreation Road is Reconstructed

Hoosier NF Trails Improved with Additional Funds

Recovery Act Money Helps Hoosier NF Recreationists and Mitigates Resource Damage



Economic Recovery Aids Ice Storm Cleanup

Vital Wastewater Plant Replaced With Help from Recovery Act Funding 

Recovery Act Funds Wood-to-Energy Project for Lyon County Schools 


Rebuilding Broken Bridge Dam

Wood-to-Energy Recovery Act Funds Bring Jobs, Energy Savings to Maine  

Bring the heat, hold the oil in Maine

Fuels for Schools in Maine 


Ecosystem Restoration - Southeastern Massachusetts Hazardous Fuels Mitigation

Asian longhorned beetle work in Worcester City, Mass.



Recovery Act Funds Dam Maintenance

Solar Wells Installed at Several Campgrounds

Udell Fire Tower Road: Improving Access

Recovery Act Funds Trail Bridge Rehabilitation

Recovery Act Contractors Replace Old Bridge on Grand Island

Recovery Act Funds Enhance Ecosystem Watersheds and Boost Local Economies

Hiawatha National Forest's UP State Fair Booth Highlights Recovery Act

Senator Levin Makes Brief Visit to the Hiawatha

Recovery Act Abandoned Mine Closing Project - Phase I

Manistee Fuels Reduced

Funding Provides Training and Skill-Building Opportunities in Northern Michigan

Water Water Everywhere

Picking Up Steam on the AuTrain Economic Recovery Project

Grand Island NRA Native Plant Restoration Recovery Act Project



Recovery Act Funds Trail Maintenance and Employs Young Adults on Superior National Forest

Walker Culvert Project on the Chippewa NF

Chippewa NF Bunkhouse Replacement

Chippewa NF Pigeon River Fish Passage

Recovery Act Funds Help Implement Community Wildfire Protection Plans

Recovery Act: Chippewa NF Roads Get Facelift

Recovery Act Funds Help Rehabilitate CCC Structures

Superior National Forest Monitors Climate Change Effects Thanks To Recovery Act Funds

Recovery Act Funds Help in Battle Against Exotic Plants

Recovery Act Builds Pathways for the Future

Recovery Act Helps Restore Ecosystems and Manage Unauthorized ATV Use

Signing the Chippewa National Forest

Recovery Act: Chippewa NF Restroom Replacement

Hazardous Fuels Reduction on private land- Superior National Forest


Mark Twain National Forest Trail Work Completed by Student Conservation Association

Fuels for Schools Project Brings Jobs, Reduced Energy Costs, and Healthier Forests

Light the fires


Lolo Culvert Replacement Improves Habitat 

Montana Roads Restoration Project

Shields River Road Reconstructions

McKillop Creek Road Improvement

Mission Valley Backcountry Horseman Complete Trails Work   



Carson River Nevada Invasive Plant project (VIDEO)

Recovery Act jobs reduce the fire risk in Dayton, Nevada (VIDEO)

Recovery Act funds provide USFS jobs near Las Vegas (VIDEO)

Carson River Stream Bank Restoration and Stabilization Project

Tribes Receive Funding to Treat Hazardous Fuels & Invasive Species

Recovery Act Funds Help Reduce Risk of Wildfire in West Washoe Valley Community



 Ballanger Creek Habitat Enhancement Project



Aldo Leopold Vista Recreation Facilities Improvement  

Stabilizing and Celebrating the Mexican Canyon Railroad Trestle

Silver City Ranger District Hazardous Fuel Reduction

Dry Canyon

Old Shuree Cabin Restoration

Redondo Canyon Forest Management and Highway 4 Hazard Reduction

Trail 24 Bridge Replacement

Recovery Act-funded Trail Relocation Benefits Recreationists



New York and Vermont rural communities get much needed aid for Forest access roads

Eradication of Oak Wilt and Giant Hogweed in New York



Mills River Bath House and Treatment Plant 

Roan Mountain Grassy Bald Restoration

Roan Mountain Restroom and Road

Black Mountain and Sycamore Cove Biking Trails

Flanners Treatment Plant

Trail Package #1



Ohio Job Corp Recovery Act Project

Recovery Act Project Signs on the Wayne National Forest

Conservation Jobs Training Program Tackles Invasive Plant Issue and Fills Workforce Shortages

Wayne National Forest Solar Energy Program Producing Results

Wayne NF works with Partners to train Vendors on Invasive Species Control

Abandoned Mine Lands Restored to Improve Watershed Health



Knox Stewardship Economic Recovery Project Puts People To Work

Central Oregon Youth Crews in the National Forests 

Wastewater System Upgrades at Sutton and Carter Lake Campgrounds

Recovery Project for Butterfly Habitat Keeps Local Firefighters at Work

Upper Chetco Culvert Replacement

Western Snowy Plover Restoration

Hazardous Fuels Reduction on the Ochoco National Forest and the Crooked River National Grassland

Madras Youth Crew Enjoys Working Together Outdoors

Coyote Creek Stream Gauge Reconstruction

PNW Road Maintenance

Restoring and Preserving the Jewel of FDR's Works Progress

Forest Inventory in Urban Areas

Counties are Put to Work Thinning in Areas Where Unemployment is High

Moving Projects Ahead

Economic Recovery Communications Project

Managing Fuel Loads by Limiting Mortality Caused by Bark Beetles and Sudden Oak Death

Portland Urban Riparian Ecosystem Integrity

Summer Employment and Education Opportunities for Youth – Summary

Forests Inside Out!

Integrated Fuels Prioritization Supports Land Management Decisions

Recovery Act Supports Natural Resource-Focused Leadership and Learning

Blue Ledge Mine Clean-up



Job Corps Helps Restore Grey Towers National Historic Site

Allegheny National Forest Performs Facilities Maintenance Thanks to Recovery Act

Economic Recovery Project Improves Access to Wild & Scenic River

Allegheny National Forest Economic Recovery Project Improves Roads & Relationships

Allegheny National Forest Partners with Pennsylvania Game Commission

Recovery Act Funds Township Road Projects on Allegheny National Forest

Restoration of ecosystems in Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park



Forest Service Recovery Act Funds Benefit Rhode Island



Give 'Em an Inch and They'll Take a Mile



Jessie Elliott Historic Ranger Station Stabilization 



Trail Bridge Replacements, Reconstruction Ensures Public Safety

Vital Wastewater Plant Replaced With Help from Recovery Act Funding



Restoring the Pine Valley Guard Station (VIDEO)

Pine Valley Guard Station Rehabilitation

Forest Service Roads in Cache County Get an Upgrade

Forest Service Roads in Utah County Get an Upgrade

Forest Service Roads in Wasatch County Get an Upgrade

Forest-wide Vault Toilet Replacement

Quichapa HFE

Tribes Receive Funding to Treat Hazardous Fuels & Invasive Species 



Vermont and New York rural communities get much needed aid for forest access roads 

Local contractor to soon complete work on Chittenden Brook Road

Green Mountain National Forest Improves Fish Passage with Recovery Act Funding

Green Mountain National Forest Resurfaces Roads with Recovery Act Funds

Local contractor completes Recovery Act project at Big Branch Trail Bridge

Lefferts Pond Dams Reconstructed



Olympia Forestry Sciences Laboratory Reduces Energy Use

Forecasting and Managing Smoke From Fires

PNW Road Maintenance

Restoring a National Treasure - the Pacific Northwest Trail

Bulletin Board at White Chuck Bench Trailhead

Kiosk at Coal Lake

Dan Creek Road Repair and Maintenance

Local workers rebuild, restore Pacific Crest Trail

Recovery Facilities Installed

Forest Inventory in Urban Areas

Recruiting Future Forestry Leaders and Scientists 

Green Cities: Stewardship and Urban Forestry

Recovery Act Supports Natural Resource-Focused Leadership and Learning


Improving Rangeland in the Monongahela NF

Road and Campground Improvements on the Monongahela

Blue Bend Recreation Area Improvements

Spruce Knob Lake Improvements



Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest "Green" Supervisor's Office

Wayne National Forest Solar Panel Expansion Project

Partnership with Ruffed Grouse Society Removes Invasive Plant 

Forest Products Lab Uses Recovery Act Funds to Remove Obsolete Buildings

Forest Products Lab Building Repairs Provide Jobs, Support Research


Providing Greater Access to Forest Lands for Alpine, Wyoming

Hunter Trailhead Construction Project

Recovery Act HFR and Thinning Projects Photos