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Helpful information for Forest Service Recipients, Contractors and Project Managers, CO’s and COR’s, regarding Recovery Act reporting.

All types of Forest Service grants and other agreements are considered grants for reporting purposes. Contracts are reported as contracts.

All grants for infrastructure projects (CIM) need to have an NAICS activity code assigned.

All WFM grants need to have an NTEE—NPC activity code assigned

Guides for registration and recipient POC’s or Click here>>> (under downloads)


Service desk for

Webinar training materials for recipient reporting:

The Data Dictionary or the Data Model V3.0, describes each data element and how to either select from a drop-down or enter the narrative data.

The website provides instructions and guidance for recipient/contractor reporting. This is the site where the general public will view the reports. website is where the data is actually entered. Recipients should have the Data Model in front of them when entering data.

A sample report is being prepared and will be posed for recipient/contractor use

The Data Model is currently posted for recipients’/contractors’ and Forest Service use

In cases where the recipient/cooperator receives 80% or more of its annual gross revenues in Federal awards; and $25 million or more in annual gross revenue from Federal awards, the recipient/cooperator must report the names and total compensation of the five most highly compensated officers of the company.

In cases where the recipient/cooperator is owned by another entity, the recipient/cooperator must provide a unique identifier of the parent entity.

Click here>>> to view a sample report for a CIM project

Click here>>> to view a sample recipient report


Contact Us allows Recipients to submit and Federal Agencies to review required Recovery Act reporting data. If you need help with registering as a user, submitting a report, reviewing a report, or other website functions, contact our Service Desk.

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