Forest Products Permits


Picture of Mushroom

There is no official beginning or ending dates for mushroom gathering. Mushrooms emerge in the spring when moisture and temperature conditions are right.

A permit may be required for incidental personal use.  Incidental personal use is defined as 1 gallon per family member present.

Before you go out to harvest mushrooms, check with the local Ranger Station to see if a free use permit is required for incidental personal use.  If a free use permit is required, you can obtain your free use permit at any Sawtooth National Forest office. You will need to carry your permit with you when you are gathering. Commercial mushroom harvest is not currently permitted on the Sawtooth National Forest.


Firewood Permits

When cutting and transporting firewood on or from the Sawtooth National Forest, you must have a printed permit and load tags, which are available at your nearest Ranger Station. Also remember to fill out the log sheet provided on the front of your permit. You must list the date, time and quantity removed from each location before you move your vehicle. Please stay on existing roads and be sure your equipment is in good working condition. Please contact the nearest district office if you have any questions about firewood.