Event/Commercial Permits

Permits are required to use National Forests lands when there is commercial gain or there is an impact on the natural resource.  Individuals, organizations or businesses may also need to acquire a permit when extra measures are needed to protect natural or cultural resources. 

There are a number of circumstances when permits are required for use of National Forest land. The examples listed below are only a short list of possible permits. Every permit situation is unique and therefore it is necessary to contact the Shawnee National Forest to determine if a permit is required for your activity.  

The length of time needed for obtaining a permit from the U.S. Forest Service varies and therefore it is best to contact the Shawnee National Forest well in advance of your activity. The links at the bottom of this page provide information about the permiting process the Shawnee National Forest requires.  For more information and to start the permitting process contact Angela Adame at the Hidden Springs Ranger District Office at (618) 658-2111.


Examples of Some Commercial Permits

  • Guiding or Equipment Outfitter
  • Archery Range
  • Group Activities
  • Recreation Events

Examples of Some Non-Commercial Permits

  • Weddings
  • Not-for-Profit events
  • Large Group gatherings