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RAC (Resource Advisory Committee)

Secure rural Schools Act Reauthorized for 2 years on April 16, 2015

The Secure Rural Schools Act (SRS Act) was reauthorized by section 524 of P.L. 114-10 and signed into law by the President on April 16, 2015. Section 524(a)(2) requires that SRS Act payments for FY 2014 be made not later than 45 days after enactment. Updated projected payment reports (ASR 10-1, ASR 10-3, and ASR 18-1) are available on the payments and receipts page. In total, approximately $285 million in Forest Service authorized SRS funding will benefit 41 states and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico in support of local schools and roads and for other purposes

Title I:

Distributed directly to the County and are used to support schools and roads.

Title II:

Distributed through the US Forest Service and are to be used for road, trail, and infrastructure maintenance or obliteration; soil productivity improvements; improvements in forest ecosystem health; watershed restoration and maintenance; wildlife and fish habitat improvements; control of noxious and exotic weeds; reintroduction of native species, and hazardous fuels reduction. Projects can be on public or private lands. Private land projects have to have a clear benefit to the public land resource. Under the Law each County is required to have a Resource Advisory Committee chartered by the Secretary of Agriculture to recommend to the Forest Supervisor how Title II funds will be distributed.

Title III:

Distributed directly to counties and are available for implementing firewise activities, reimbursement for counties who conduct search and rescue operations on federal lands and for the development of community wildfire protection plans.

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