A group of partners at a replaced culvertThe Siuslaw Forest is an international leader in working with partners that offer innovation, funding and creativity to help carry out the mission of caring for the land and serving people. Through our restoration and recreation activities we work with a wide array of non profit organizations, watershed councils, natural resource agencies and local communities.

The Siuslaw National Forest works collaboratively to identify restoration projects on and around the forest. Our partners are a collection of individuals and organizations from the local area that are working with the forest to promote resource restoration and enhancement that meets the needs of local communities. The forest provides funding for stewardship restoration projects both on and off national forest land. This funding is generated through the sale of timber that is harvested during some restoration thinning projects on the Siuslaw National Forest.

Explore our collaborative restoration successes.

Key Partners

Stewardship Projects

Stewardship groups help plan, evaluate, and monitor stewardship projects on public and private lands. The groups also help evaluate and prioritize proposals for future funding with stewardship funds. They meet monthly and attend field trips to project locations to monitor the ecological and economic impacts of the projects. Projects that have been developed in partnership with stewardship groups have restored endangered fish and wildlife habitat, improved water quality, and built relationships between rural landowners and the managers of neighboring public land. These projects also benefit local communities in that they provide employment and contract opportunities to area businesses. The Siuslaw National Forest, in partnership with stewardship groups, has an impressive history of success restoring the land and contributing to local economies.

Partnership Resource Center

Partnership Resource CenterThe Partnership Resource Center (PRC) web site, hosted by the National Forest Foundation (NFF), encompasses a collaborative vision formed by the Forest Service (FS) and the NFF. As a portal to vast areas of information, the PRC web site provides partners and FS staff with boundaryless information and access they need for enhanced working relationships. By increasing joint stewardship capacity and connecting people to people, the needs of natural resources can be met.

National Forest Foundation

National Forest FoundationThe National Forest Foundation (NFF) is the congressionally-chartered nonprofit partner of the U.S. Forest Service. The NFF and its grassroots partners address key challenges to the health of our National Forests and Grasslands. Together, we work on solutions in community-based forestry, recreation, watershed restoration, and wildlife habitat.