Forest Products Permits

The taking or removal of forest products may require a permit and/or the payment of a minimal fee. Please inquire at the local District Office before removing any products from the forest. 

Commercial purposes A permit is required for taking or removal of any forest product for resale. The forest currently issues commercial mushroom permits. For other commercial products, contact local office.

Personal Use:  A permit is required for taking or removal of the following forest products from the forest for personal use:
Christmas Trees

Forest Products for Incidental Use

For minor amounts of forest products that are for one’s direct personal use, a permit may not be required. The incidental use guide (PDF 1,205 KB) lists the products and the amounts that may be harvested under the incidental use rules. Following these rules, a permit is not required and there is no cost for collecting the items. Materials gathered under incidental use must be for your own personal use and cannot be sold or exchanged in any form, nor be used for making something for sale.