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1990 Umatilla Forest Land and Resource Management Plan

[Note: The original scanned copy of the Umatilla National Forest plan was of poor quality. In order to provide a readable electronic copy, we converted it to word and reformated it. The content of this copy is the original text, but the formatting is not the same. Therefore, the page numbers in this electronic copy will not match up with page numbers in the original hard copy of the forest plan. The record of decision is the original scanned copy.]

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Umatilla National Forest Plan Amendments

  • Umatilla National Forest Plan amendment documents are available.

Monitoring and Evaluation Reports

  • Monitoring and evaluation reports for the Blue Mountain region are available.

Umatilla, Malheur, and Wallowa Whitman National Forest Plan Revision logo for Forest Plan Revision

NFMA (National Forest Management Act) requires each National Forest to develop a Forest Plan and update or revise it when conditions have significantly changed, or at least every 15 years. The Forest Plans for the Malheur, Umatilla, and Wallowa-Whitman National Forests are being revised to incorporate new information, current science, and changed conditions for the Blue Mountains region. Read more...

Invasive Plants Treatment Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) 

  • The Umatilla National Forest proposes to control, contain, or eradicate invasive plants on nearly 25,000 acres. These plants have the potential to displace or alter native plant communities and cause long-lasting economic and ecological problems within and outside the National Forests.

Ecosystem Analysis

  • Ecosystem analysis at the watershed scale is the process used by the Umatilla National Forest to characterize the historic and current biotic and abiotic conditions for individual watersheds. The understanding gained from ecosystem analysis is critical for helping to sustain the health and resilience of natural resources administered on behalf of the American people. Read more...

2015 Transportation Analysis

  • The 2015 transportation analysis report outlines existing road systems and identifies opportunities to achieve a more sustainable system of roads for each national forest in the Pacific Northwest. Read more.....

North Fork John Day Wild and Scenic River Management Plan

  • The Oregon Omnibus Wild and Scenic Rivers Act of 1988 placed the North Fork John Day River into the National Wild and Scenic Rivers system, to be managed according to the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act of 1968. North Fork John Day Wild and Scenic River Planning information is available.

Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA)

  • Administrative records of Forest Service’s preferred Removal Action Option of removing contaminated materials located at the Ajax-Magnolia and Bluebird-Blackjack Mine Sites are available.

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