Parents & Teachers

The Forest Service and other government agencies and community partners provide various resources and opportunities for parents and teachers to get involved and educate youth and young adults about our natural evironment.

Conservation Education

Through structured educational experiences and activities targeted to varying age groups and populations, conservation education enables people to realize how natural resources and ecosystems affect each other and how resources can be used wisely. Find out more about the Forest Service and conservation education here.

Educational Videos

June 10, 2020: Wildfires role in Ecosystems Fire Prevention Specialist Jimmye Turner gives a presentation on the role of wildfire in the ecosystem using his unique real-time drawing techniques to illustrate key concepts.

April 15, 2020Fire Prevention Education Video featuring the Umatilla National Forest's own Jimmye Turner.  In this fun and interactive video Jimmye uses a call and response method combined with hand drawn pictures to illustrate fire safety and the ecological impacts of fire on the landscape.


Celebrating Wildflowers Coloring Book



A Catalog of Illustrations

There are over 300 line drawings of wildflowers on this site! You can print them off of this website and use our coloring guide to make your own version.