History & Culture

Russell-Colbath house

The Russell-Colbath house in the 19th century.

Historic Sites and Heritage Resources

The Heritage Program on The White Mountain National Forest, like that of all National Forests, is dedicated to the protection and appropriate management of significant cultural resources. We strive to share an appreciation of these resources with the public and Forest visitors, and to provide professional advice to resource specialists and managers of the Forest. Our efforts will:

  • Ensure that future generations will have the opportunity to discover the human stories etched on the landscapes of our National Forest;
  • Make the past come alive as a vibrant part of our recreational experiences and community life;
  • Connect people to the land in a way that will help us better understand the role of environmental history and its influence on Forest resources today and in the future.

When visiting our National Forests please remember:

The past belongs to all Americans

Leave what you find so others can experience and learn from it

WMNF Cultural History

The White Mountains have a long history and a wide variety of cultural sites.  more

Native Americans

Systematic archaeological testing has located 21 prehistoric Native American sites on the WMNF. more

Euro-American History

Exploration of the White Mountains by Europeans began in the mid-17th century. more

Visiting WMNF Historic Sites

Visitors to the WMNF will undoubtedly notice the traces of the past that can be found across the Forest. more


White Mountain National Forest Celebrates Dolly Copp Campground

Dolly Copp Campsite

Due to the pandemic, Forest Service staff were unable to organize a public celebration to commemorate the campground’s anniversary.  To honor this historic occasion, a 16-minute documentary was created using historic and current-day photos.

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White Mountain National Forest Historic Hiking Shelters

The development, evolution, and historical significance of hiking trail shelters in the White Mountains.

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