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What better place to teach a child than in the outdoors!  There are tons of experiences waiting for you.


Learning Lichens Curriculum

Students survey lichens on a plot near their school.

Lichens can be studied every season of the year and in nearly every location. Learning Lichens will introduce high school and advanced middle school students to intriguing lichen ecology, identification, and values to humans. Teachers can use these four lessons to help their students develop their observational, research design, and field inventory skills. Students will also be able to relate lichen ecology to its valuable use as a bioindicator of air quality and old growth habitat. The curriculum includes 4 lessons, student data sheets and protocols, teacher notes, and instructional PowerPoints for teachers and students. Everything needed for the field inventory lesson is included in a kit that can be borrowed from the White Mountain National Forest. Learning Lichens has been developed and field tested by high school ecology teacher, Sarah Thorne and her students at Prospect Mt. High School in Alton, NH.

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Thank you for visiting us and learning more about the Conservation Education program on the White Mountain National Forest.  If you visited with us at the Fryeburg Fair you received a handout with a link to our website.  These links are for all educators to use to supplement their conservation education programs. 

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