Ranger in the Flat Tops Wilderness

We offer a variety of job opportunities — both paid and unpaid — ranging from student and volunteer programs to full-time employment for men and women with skills in many areas.

We are an organization of people engaged in many varied occupations including foresters, biologists, fire fighters, accountants, computer specialists, law enforcement officers, public affairs specialists, engineers, recreation specialists, teachers, geographic information specialists, and more.

All jobs are listed on www.usajobs.gov/. Create a profile and apply online.

We are accepting applications for summer jobs in 2019 from Sept 19-October 2, 2018. 

Fire Hire

Firefighters, scientists, resource and business managers, computer and communications technicians — fire jobs are as diverse as the Forest Service itself!

Firefighters at the 2002 Big Fish Fire

We hire seasonal and permanent fire fighters. Look for job series #0462, which includes most fire-related jobs, when searching USAJobs, and other listings.

Some fire fighting and restoration work is also done by contractors.