Greening Fire Team - Sustainability and Fire

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Reducing Landfill Waste at Fire Camp

A pilot recycling program tested on the Whitewater Fire in Oregon.  

Vision: Achieving net zero environmental impact on all large fire incidents by 2030.

Mission: Integration of sustainability best management practices on incidents and within the fire community.

 Announcements and Webinars

GFT Ambassador Webinar Save-the-Date Flyer 2020 

GFT Ambassadors are individuals with a desire to help advance sustainability Best Management Practices (BMPs) in incident operations. During this 1-hour webinar, participants will learn about new and exciting opportunities to take initiative as an ambassador.

The National Greening Fire Team (GFT) hosted its Annual Fire Year Preparation Webinar on May 6, 2020, for 56 participants (recording). The webinar offered an introduction to the Team’s mission, vision, and deliverables, a detailed description of what to expect with the On-site Incident Recycling Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) in its second year of implementation, and drove the message home with a discussion of what all can do to “green” incident management, regardless of their role.



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GFT Library

The GFT Library contains team bulletins, webinar recordings, marketing and promotional materials, news articles, and myth busters/fast facts.