Incident Recycling

  • A “Sustainable Operations in Incident Management Letter of Intent” was issued in April 2019 under dual signature by the Acting Deputy Chiefs of National Forest Systems and State and Private Forestry.  The letter states that Incident Management Teams should leverage the on-site incident recycling BPA to order recycling to streamline and increase the efficacy of waste diversion efforts at Type 1 and 2 incidents.
  • Executive Order 13834, Efficient Federal Operations (17 May 2018) requires all federal agencies to “implement waste prevention and recycling measures” and to “track and report performance”.  USDA Environmental DR 5600-005 also requires its agencies to divert 55% of its non-hazardous solid waste each year.
  • EPA Stresses the Importance of Recycling and Proper Disposal of Personal Protective Equipment:
    • EPA is encouraging all Americans to recycle materials and properly dispose of personal protective equipment (PPE), especially during the Coronavirus public health emergency. This is as important in a fire camp setting as in households. Recycling isn’t just good for the planet by reducing the amount of waste going to landfills and saving energy, it also supports American manufacturing. Recycled materials are used to make new products as well as the boxes that these and other essential supplies are shipped in for the everyday needs of hospitals, grocery stores, pharmacies and American homes. Currently, businesses that normally recycle large amounts of paper and cardboard are not able to do that due to the impacts from the current public health emergency. Because of this, recycling is more essential than ever. Learn more in this video from EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler.

Yes. Diverting trash by recycling helps reduce the amount of trash that must be hauled to landfills.  By reducing the number of hauls required for dumpster service on an incident, we estimate we will save between $11,200 and $22,400 per week (on an incident with 4 dumpsters being serviced daily, as an example).