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Investing in our future

People working next to piles of wood with power log splitters to split cut logs into firewood size pieces.
Wood4Good delivers 190 cords of firewood free of charge to 150 families in need in northwest Vermont.  Firewood banks like Wood4Good operate on the same premise as foodbanks – helping the most in need for free. Thanks in part to funding from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, The Forest Service is investing in the nation's network of firewood banks to help them acquire equipment and reach more families in need. (USDA Forest Service photo by Korey Morgan)

The Forest Service has a broad spectrum of responsibilities from managing 175 national forests and grasslands covering 193 million acres. We conduct world-class environmental science used globally and provide support Tribes, states and private landowners through shared stewardship, grants, agreements, and local and national partnerships.

We accomplish this work and more through our annual budget as provided by Congress and with supplemental funding allocated for specific purposes, such as the Inflation Reduction Act and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

Research: Timing of Fire Study from USDA Forest Service on Vimeo.

Science is the basis of land management decisions. Our scientists' work helps to develop new technologies and data to increase the restoration of degraded forests, grasslands, and watersheds. Other studies improve our use of prescribed and managed fires, build tools and evaluation methods, and innovate for wood product markets. Our scientists engage with Tribes, states, academia, and non-government organizations.

Forest Service grant programs

Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and Inflation Reduction Act provisions and funding broadly support Forest Service priorities of creating sustainable and fire-adapted communities, creating healthy and resilient landscapes, and safe and effective wildfire response. Some of the following programs offer funding through grants and agreements. The availability of funding varies; some grant funding is no longer available. See links to specific grants/programs below for more information on funding cycles.

  • Community Wildfire Defense Grants: Helps at-risk communities and Tribes plan for and reduce wildfire risks.

  • Forest Landowner Support Grants: The grant program, made possible by the Inflation Reduction Act, provides financial assistance grants for projects that support underserved and small-acreage forest landowner participation in emerging private markets for climate mitigation and forest resilience.

  • Forest Legacy Grants: Encourages protecting privately owned forest lands through conservation easements or land purchases for multiple public benefits, including opportunities to hunt, fish and camp; clean and abundant drinking water; habitat for fish and wildlife; and timber, fuel wood and other forest products.

  • Good Neighbor Authority and Tribal Forest Protection Act: Allows the Forest Service to enter into agreements with state forestry agencies, counties and tribes to help keep our forests healthy and productive, including accomplishing critical management work, restoring forests, reducing wildfire risks and creating jobs. 

  • Land and Water Conservation Fund: Provides money to federal, state and local governments to purchase land, water and wetlands for the benefit of all Americans. Investments support improved public access by funding strategic land acquisitions, locally led conservation efforts, and protecting our natural heritage. The program also helps to create jobs, expand outdoor access, and help address climate change by protecting natural resources.

  • Urban and Community Forestry Grants: Provides funding to plant and maintain trees, combat extreme heat and climate change, and improve access to nature in cities, towns, and suburbs where more than 84% of Americans work, live and play.

Wood Innovations Grants:

  • Wood Innovations Grants: Stimulates, expands, and supports U.S. wood products markets and wood energy markets to support long-term management of U.S. forests.

  • Community Wood Grants: Provides funding for grants to install thermally led community wood energy systems or to build innovative wood product manufacturing facilities.

  • Wood Products Infrastructure Assistance: Fundin may be used to establish, reopen, retrofit, expand or improve a sawmill or other wood-processing facility near federal or Indian lands that need ecosystem restoration and will generate byproducts.

  • Temporary Bridge Funding Opportunities: Supports the establishment of temporary bridge rental/loan/cost-share programs with States and federally recognized Indian Tribes to protect water resources and reduce water quality degradation during forestry-related operations.

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Investing in forests throughout the US