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Playing Smart Against Invasive Species

Cover of the DVD case for Playing Smart Against Invasive Species.

America's spectacular public and private lands and waters provide some of the greatest opportunities for outdoor recreation in the world. However, these beautiful and inspiring natural places in which we enjoy our outdoor recreation heritage are under attack from hundreds of invasive plants, animals, and pathogens. These exotic invaders disrupt the natural ecological balance of these places and can negatively impact the quality of our outdoor recreation experiences, reduce access to these areas, and can threaten human health and safety. The loss of outdoor recreation uses in an area due to invasive species infestations can drastically impact local recreation-dependent economies.

In response, outdoor recreation enthusiasts—campers, hikers, climbers, bikers, boaters, OHV riders, skiers, horseback riders, guides/outfitters, and many others—are fighting back to protect and enjoy the places they love by becoming aware of what they can do and taking steps to prevent the spread of these invaders. Prevention and control of invasive species is an achievable goal linked directly to common outdoor recreation ethics and stewardship principles. By working together, all of us can keep America's lands and waters protected for future generations.

Preview: Playing Smart Against Invasive Species

The full video and features found on the DVD are available online, with and without subtitles.

Playing Smart Against Invasive Species Features
Version No Subtitles With Subtitles
Full Length Program (26 minutes, 51 seconds)
Short Version (16 minutes, 42 seconds)
Trailer (6 minutes, 6 seconds)
Bonus Program (19 minutes, 15 seconds)

This invasive species prevention program was produced by the U.S. Forest Service as part of the National Invasive Species Threat Campaign with generous support from Wildlife Forever, the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, the Center for Invasive Plant Management, the National Park Service, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, and many other public and private organizations and individuals.

Logos of the Playing Smart Against Invasive Species partners: United States Department of Agriculture, U.S. Forest Service, Wildlife Forever, National Park Service, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, U.S. Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management, Rock Dimensions Climbing Guides, Center for Invasive Plant Managmenet, National Wild Turkey Federation, FT, National Speleological Society, TreadLightly on Land and Water, Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation, Invasive Plant Control, Bat Conservation International.