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State Allocations - Fiscal Year 2023

The Forest Service is allocating $250 million to state and territory forestry agencies that are working in disadvantaged communities to increase and maintain a healthy urban canopy and access to nature. The funding will support these agencies’ competitive sub-grant programs and will ensure that funding flows as quickly and efficiently as possible to projects that support equitable access to trees and the benefits they provide.

Urban and Community Forestry FY 2023 State Allocations

Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) funding

Alabama Southern Region $3,375,000
Alaska Alaska Region $750,000
American Samoa Pacific Southwest Region $750,000
Arizona Southwestern Region $6,000,000
Arkansas Southern Region $1,875,000
California Pacific Southwest Region $43,200,000
Colorado Rocky Mountain Region $4,875,000
Connecticut Eastern Region $2,625,000
Delaware Eastern Region $750,000
District of Columbia Eastern Region $750,000
Florida Southern Region $3,750,000
Georgia Southern Region $9,750,000
Guam Pacific Southwest Region $1,500,000
Hawaii Pacific Southwest Region $1,500,000
Idaho Northern Region $750,000
Illinois Eastern Region $13,875,000
Indiana Eastern Region $4,125,000
Iowa Eastern Region $2,250,000
Kansas Rocky Mountain Region $2,625,000
Kentucky Southern Region $2,250,000
Maine Eastern Region $1,500,000
Maryland Eastern Region $6,000,000
Massachusetts Eastern Region $1,875,000
Michigan Eastern Region $7,500,000
Minnesota Eastern Region $5,250,000
Mississippi Southern Region $1,500,000
Missouri Eastern Region $1,500,000
Montana Northern Region $750,000
Nebraska Rocky Mountain Region $1,875,000
Nevada Intermountain Region $3,000,000
New Jersey Eastern Region $11,250,000
New Mexico Southwestern Region $1,875,000
New York Eastern Region $13,500,000
North Carolina Southern Region $6,375,000
North Dakota Northern Region $750,000
Ohio Eastern Region $9,000,000
Oklahoma Southern Region $1,875,000
Oregon Pacific Northwest Region $3,750,000
Pennsylvania Eastern Region $9,750,000
Puerto Rico International Institute of Tropical Forestry $1,500,000
Rhode Island Eastern Region $1,200,000
South Carolina Southern Region $2,625,000
South Dakota Rocky Mountain Region $600,000
Tennessee Southern Region $4,125,000
Texas Southern Region $21,750,000
Utah Intermountain Region $750,000
Vermont Eastern Region $750,000
Virgin Islands International Institute of Tropical Forestry $1,500,000
Virginia Southern Region $6,600,000
Washington Pacific Northwest Region $6,000,000
West Virginia Eastern Region $750,000
Wisconsin Eastern Region $4,875,000
Wyoming Rocky Mountain Region $750,000


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