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Forest Health Protection - Emerald Ash Borer

This insect was introduced into North America sometime in the 1990's. It was first reported killing ash (genus Fraxinus) trees in the Detroit and Windsor areas in 2002. Since then, infestations have been found throughout lower Michigan, Ohio, northern Indiana, the Chicago area, Maryland, and recently in Pennsylvania.

For more complete information on the emerald ash borer, please visit the national EAB information website, which is operated through a grant from the US Forest Service, Northeastern Area.

EAB University opens (virtual) doors

Learn more about this voracious forest pest on line in this series of free Webinars sponsored by the Northeastern Area, and Purdue, Ohio State and Michigan State Universities. The series discusses this invasive insect and its destructive history in detail. Click here for more information and registration instructions.

  1. Integrated Program Strategy for Reducing the Adverse Impacts of Emerald Ash Borer Throughout the Northeastern Area
    This strategy was prepared to help guide the development and implementation of EAB priorities and actions within the Northeastern Area regarding the threats and harm caused by the EAB.


Tackett, Keith 
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