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Wood Innovations Reporting Requirements

Annual progress reports by calendar year are required by March 30 of the following year.  Here is a suggested format for the annual progress report.

Final progress reports are required 90 days after the project’s end date. The final progress report has two parts:

  1. Final Summary Report: A brief summary of results based on approved goals/objectives. The purpose of the final summary report is to meet basic U.S. Forest Service grant and agreement requirements. (Suggested template for the Final Summary Report.)
  2. Final Accomplishment Report: This document provides more detailed results of the project that could include links to web sites and webcasts and/or a variety of reports. The purpose of the final accomplishment report is to document specific project outcomes and results in detail for others that may undertake a similar project or activity.  (Suggested template for the Final Accomplishment Report..)

If possible, please submit your reports in a Word format. A PDF format will also work.

If you have questions or comments regarding progress reports, please contact your Wood Innovations Coordinator or Melissa Jenkins at 703-605-5346.

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