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Asian Longhorned Beetle and Its Host Trees

The Asian longhorned beetle (Anoplophora glabripennis) has been devastating urban forests in the Northeast since it was first detected in New York City in 1996. Efforts to eradicate this pest have resulted in the removal of tens of thousands of trees in several northeastern communities in the United States and Canada. The Asian longhorned beetle has been successfully eradicated from Illinois and several areas of New York and New Jersey. While the eradication battle continues on several other urban fronts, there are growing concerns that this invasive pest could enter natural and managed forests of Eastern North America.This pictorial guide provides basic information for identifying the Asian longhorned beetle, its injury characteristics, and its common host trees. The guide will help users detect the beetle in both urban and forested settings.

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Parker, Bruce L.; Skinner, Margaret; Dodds, Kevin; Bohne, Michael
Insects and Diseases
Asian Longhorned Beetle and Its Host Trees
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