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Trees; Urban and Community Forestry; Trees; People

Tree Owner's Manual-National Edition


One common issue facing our urban forests is the fact that trees are dying prematurely. Many are planted improperly, setting them up for failure. Many do not receive regular maintenance. And few are adequately protected during construction projects. To help remedy this issue, the Forest Service has created this manual. Just like the owner's manual that comes with automobiles and appliances, this manual includes a parts list, instructions for installation, tips for troubleshooting common issues, recommended service, and more.

Urban Watershed Forestry Manual, Part 1: Methods for Increasing Forest Cover in a Watershed


This publication introduces the emerging topic of urban watershed forestry. It also presents new methods for the watershed planner or forester to systematically measure watershed forest cover and select the best methods for maintaining or increasing this cover by protecting, enhancing, and reforesting large parcels of primarily public land across the watershed. These methods are based on extensive review of the latest research and input from experts in a wide range of related fields.



In the United States over 200 million cubic yards of urban tree and landscape residue are generated every year.1 Of this amount, 15 percent is classified as “unchipped logs.” To put this figure in perspective, consider that if these logs were sawn into boards, they theoretically would produce
3.8 billion board feet of lumber,2 or nearly 30 percent of the hardwood lumber produced annually in the United States.

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