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The Forest Service and Partners have tons of great resources!

  • Citizen Science - Forest Service guide to planning and implementing volunteer-driven data collection.
  • Photo Point Monitoring - Using Technology in Field Investigations to Monitor Change Over Timedescribes how to use GPS, compass, smart phone applications, and cameras at fixed NatureWatch or wildlife watching locations to monitor and record change over time.
  • Making it Last Marketing Campaign Toolkit - A toolkit with specific recommendations of how to use media to significantly increase awareness about natural resource management agencies and their roles in protecting and conserving wildlife, with a focus on target audiences.

Freshwater Snorkeling Program Manual is the 2021 update to the original tool kit, with best practices and protocols for implementing an immersive, water-based learning experience in your nearest clear, freshwater stream.

Freshwater Snorkeling Program Tool Kit – Showcase the aquatic biodiversity of protected watersheds using this guide to setting up a freshwater snorkeling program on any clear stream. (USFS, 2016, 53 pgs) 

Freshwater Snorkeling Curriculum – Prepare students for the freshwater snorkeling experience using standards-based activities based on what they will find underwater (North Bay, 2016, 29 pgs)


Digital Photography Handbook – Easy-to-use guidebook to successful photography, including standards and protocols needed by Forest Service employees. (Author: USFS Sandy Frost, 2013)
Digital Photography 101 Webinar – Slideshow of the basics of digital photography, with an emphasis on standards for Forest Service photographers (Presenter: USFS Sandy Frost, 2013) Recorded webinar
USDA-Forest Service Photo Release Consent Form - Download English – 2014 officially authorized form to be used for all images needing consent (especially for photographs involving minors)