News Release

Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Announces $224 Million in Funding to Reduce Hazardous Fuels

Recovery Act Will Fund Projects in 26 States

May 5, 2009 -

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced $224 million today for 110 hazardous fuels reduction and ecosystem improvement projects funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). The projects are located on forested lands in over 26 states and territories.

"President Obama's efforts will provide for public health and safety by reducing the risk of wildland fire near communities in the wildland urban interface and will restore healthy forests" said Vilsack. "These projects provide benefits to current and future generations, including improved water quality and quantity, healthy forests that provide clean air, and recreation opportunities while reducing wildfire risks."

Hazardous fuels activities include reducing the volume of hazardous fuels on Federal forests and grasslands and on lands owned by States, local governments, private organizations, and individual land owners through financial assistance and partnership agreements. Ecosystem improvement activities, which are designed to improve and protect forest health, include thinning, removal of competing vegetation, planting native species, and constructing new stream channels and ponds.

A listing of the hazardous fuels and ecosystem restoration projects is attached.

Wildland Fire Management - Hazardous Fuels

State Number of Projects Est Am't to Accomplish ($M)
AL, FL, GA, NC, SC Total 1 $8,975.00
AK Total 6 $5,093.00
AL Total 1 $1,338.00
AZ Total 10 $16,544.00
CA Total 6 $31,385.00
CA;NV Total 1 $3,970.00
CO Total 5 $12,288.00
DE Total 1 $449.00
FL Total 2 $6,656.00
GA Total 3 $6,209.00
HI Total 1 $897.00
ID Total 3 $10,224.00
IN Total 1 $292.00
KY Total 1 $1,145.00
MA Total 1 $1,974.00
MI Total 2 $9,500.00
MI;MN;WV Total 1 $6,192.00
MS Total 1 $763.00
MT Total 11 $12,450.30
NC Total 4 $6,555.00
NM Total 1 $808.00
NV Total 12 $11,231.00
OR Total 12 $51,763.70
OR;WA Total 1 $9,000.00
PR Total 2 $3,231.00
SC Total 2 $1,135.00
VI Total 1 $404.00
WA Total 17 $3,222.00
Grand Total 110 $223,694.00