News Release

Forest Service Activates Annual Fall Foliage Hotline

September 18, 2008 -

The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Forest Service has activated its hotline which provides weekly updates on fall foliage on national forests across the country.

The toll-free fall color hotline can be accessed at (800) 354-4595. Callers will be greeted with an automated voice system and can hear weekly updates on foliage peak color in different regions of the country. The hotline will be current through November.

The colorful fall foliage season depends on forest biology and how trees response to weather and environmental stress. Based on regional weather conditions, Forest Service officials indicate that the timing and intensity of fall foliage color is 'on track' for a good year.

Conditions for fall colors vary due to local stress and outbreaks of pest and disease. Also affecting the local displays of color is the timing of frosts. The duration of the foliage season is often determined by impacts from late-season storms that are difficult to predict in advance.

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