News Release

Forest Service Announces Regional Forester Leadership Changes

September 28, 2007 -

U.S. Forest Service Chief Abigail Kimbell announced today a key personnel change for the Regional Forester position in the Southwestern Region, which includes Arizona and New Mexico.

Corbin Newman has been selected to be the new Regional Forester for the Southwestern Region (Region 3), and will replace Harv Forsgren. Forsgren was selected to be the new Regional Forester for the Intermountain Region (Region 4).

“Newman brings a wealth of experience at all levels of the agency,” said Chief Kimbell. “His outstanding knowledge and leadership skills will serve him well in his new position as Regional Forester for the Southwestern Region.”

Newman served as the National Director of Forest Management for the Forest Service since October 2005. He has held numerous leadership positions at all levels of the Forest Service, in both the Eastern and Western parts of the country, during his 25-year career. His assignments included Silviculturist in Colorado, District Ranger in Pennsylvania, and Forest Supervisor in Michigan. He also served as the National Budget Coordinator for the National Forest System and Director of the National Fire Plan with the Forest Service in Washington, D.C.

A reporting date has not yet been announced.