News Release

Statement from USDA Forest Service Chief Dale Bosworth

December 27, 2001 -

"Under Secretary Mark Rey's examination of the Sierra Nevada Forest Plan Amendment and decision not to conduct a discretionary review validates the hard work of so many Forest Service employees and numerous interested individuals who have invested so much effort.

Regional Forester Jack Blackwell can now begin to analyze the aspects of the plan that I addressed in my administrative appeal decision. My decision outlines critical areas where the plan can be improved. The regional forester's analysis will require refinement of the plan and may require proposing amendments to it.

This is a complex and extremely important land use policy affecting approximately 11.5 million acres of public land. I am confident that under Regional Forester Jack Blackwell's leadership, he will formulate an aggressive plan to implement my decision that continues to engage local individuals and communities to protect and restore the health of the land."