Predictor Importance Values for eastern hophornbeam; ironwood (Ostrya virginiana)

Predictor Name Importance Score Rank
Annual precipitation (mm)26.349
Mean May-September precipitation (mm)15.7735
Mean annual temperature (°C)17.2532
Mean May-September temperature (°C)19.625
Mean temperature of coldest month (°C)19.6124
Mean temperature of warmest month (°C)17.8828
Annual aridity index19.4726
Minimum elevation27.735
Maximum elevation22.3417
Average elevation24.1811
Median elevation23.7112
Range of elevation2313
Elevation coefficient ofvariation27.586
Elevation standard deviation26.968
Annual daylength coefficient of variation16.8233
Total available water capacity (cm, to 150 cm)21.2721
Total available water supply (cm, to 150 cm)26.3410
Depth to water table (cm)22.7514
Soil permeability rate (cm/hr)11.9344
Soil calcium carbonate (% by weight)21.1122
Soil cation-exchange capacity28.154
Soil pH15.9934
Soil bulk density (g/cm3)30.872
Organic matter content (% by weight)11.9842
Potential soil productivity21.3920
Soil erodibility factor, rock fragment free22.5815
Soil erosion by wind (tons/acre/year)32.791
Percent soil passing sieve No. 10 (coarse)22.1918
Percent soil passing sieve No. 200 (fine)29.093
Percent clay (< 0.002 mm size)15.236
Percent sand (< 0.002 mm size)18.6127
Percent silt (< 0.002 mm size)22.4316
Percent of texture clayey17.5630
Percent of texture loamy14.2237
Percent of texture sandy13.6438
Percent of texture other17.3831
Alfisol (%)20.9223
Aridisol (%)1.0845
Entisol (%)13.639
Histosol (%)13.4240
Inceptisol (%)27.267
Mollisol (%)17.6529
Spodosol (%)12.4241
Ultisol (%)21.9519
Vertisol (%)11.9343