Beaverhead National Forest - Snapshots

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Picturesque photo of craggy mountains in the distance, a few brightly-colored boulders and stalks of pretty flowers in the foreground. Picturesque photo of lupine flowers in the foreground, a slope in the midground leading to gentle-to-steep sloping mountains in the mid-ground and background. Photo of the lake's shore with boulders and deadwood strewn in a scenic way, framing the lake and the steep, rocky mountain in the background. Picturesque photo of the lake with deadwood in the foreground and craggy mountain in the back. Picturesque photo of water meandering through a alpine meadow of flowering vegetation and scattered large rocks. Very conical coniferous trees along the sides of the waterwaterway and a mountain in the background finish the composition. Photo of the lake as seen through some trees on the shore looking down at the lake. Opposite shore is steep and rocky with a rocky peak ascending out of frame. Photo of a sideslope with large boulders and steep, rocky ground. Alpine trees are scattered on the slope. Photo of water flowing through rocks. Vegetation around the rocks/water. Trees scattered on sides of the outlet. Winter photo of a lake frozen over. Mountains in the background and tree silhouettes visible. Photo of a lake shore with brilliant fall colors on the brush foliage. Photo of a family (adults and kids) hiking on a path that skirts the edge of a lake. Trees and mountains in the background. Photo of a lake surrounding by trees and mountains. On the rightmost shore two children are playing near and in the water. Photo of a creek and bank with trees. The reflection of the trees in the water makes an unusual pattern when layered with the creek bottom which can be seen through the water. Photo of a wide, flatwater creek. Mostly in the shade. Banks are grassy and forested. Photo of a shallow, clear water creek running through a grassy, forested area. Photo of a creek framed with lots of vegetation on the banks. Trees in the distance and a tree brank with lichen in the foreground.

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