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Photo of 4 beehive-shaped kilns. 2 kilns are white-washed and 2 appear to have a brick-like color. Photo of 2 men standing next to the kiln where there are a couple of large holes. Photo of beehive-shaped kiln with a person working on one of them. A wooden door is at the entrance. Photo of a man with trowel and working on the side of a brick dome. Scaffolding appears in photo. Photo of volunteers working on the kiln restoration. Photo of a mechanical lift supporting a person working on the dome Photo of a person on a ladder working on the dome. Scaffolding and people to the left. Photo of a man working at the top of a whitewashed dome of the kiln. He is standing on scaffolding. Photo of people on scaffolds restoring beehive-shaped kilns on both the left and right sides. Photo of a kiln ruin. The dome top has collapsed although the walls are fairly intact. The bricks have white and black stains. Photo of an abandoned log cabin. Photo of a wooden structure with a caved-in roof. Trees around the abandoned cabin. Photo of a site with wooden buildings that are falling apart. Tall coniferous trees around the site. Photo of a wooden building Photo of a well-defined circle of stones on a gently sloping hillside. Photo of wooden stakes marking two areas on the ground.

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