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Calipering ponderosa pine timber. Fire beginning to climb into the tops of trees on the mcknight fire Tools set out in front of the toolbox showing equipment at redstone. Western yellow pine (left) and adjacent jeffrey pine plantation set in 1912. Seedlings, 60 days old, of western yellow pine. Cordwood cut from tops and defective trees. A permanent erosion record photo. Followup photo from an erosion check point. The upstream arch principle in dam construction. A rock sausage dam resting on bedrock. Dead man canyon on the boundary of the big  burros division. A dam with a narrow spillway designed to confine water to the center to protect banks. A native  boy, jose milligan, at tularosa spring with his burro. Woven wire cylinder construction of a dam. Deputy state game warden check game licenses as hunters enter the gila national forest. Trout fishing in the gila wilderness.

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