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High mountain lake reflecting the trees, mountains and blue sky A blue raft carries 6 people through white water and boulders on the Klamath River Blue water reflects blue sky and cliffs aroung Kangaroo Lake Two small brown salamanders on a rock A split rail fence zigzags through the Little Shasta Meadow in the Spring
Tall metal sculpture of Bigfoot stands 16 ft tall along the highway at Happy Camp Looking down on marble Valley from high ridge top Smoke billows in the distance above the Klamath River Mountain meadow in summer green Steep peaks in the Marble Mountain Wilderness Firefighter uses a drip torch to light the duff in the burn area. Two horses with saddles tied to a hitching post in front of rustic old cabin Tree lined small mountain lake with dead log in the foreground A campsite under the tall pines at Trail Creek Campground The Indian paintbrush blooms in spring with the snow covered Mt Shasta in the background A bull and cow elk graze in late summer near the Klamath River

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Key Contacts


Patricia A. Grantham,
Forest Supervisor

Kris Sexton,
Deputy Forest Supervisor

Drew Stroberg
Goosenest District Ranger

Jeremy Sullens,
Happy Camp-Oak Knoll District Ranger

Ruth D'Amico,
Salmon-Scott River District Ranger 

Natalie Kelly,
Acting Administrative Officer

Ken Kellogg,
Engineering Staff Officer

Mike Appling,
Fire Staff Officer

William Wall,
Natural Resources Staff Officer

Josh Veal,
Public Affairs Officer Detail

Wendy Coats,
Public Uses Staff Officer

Jennifer Fried,
Executive Assistant Detail

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